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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Barao has super impressed me thus far, Aldo IMO really has only had moments of brilliance. I watch Aldo fight Florian and am utterly unimpressed then you have the Mendes fight which was a thing of beauty I am really not as sold on Aldo as most.

Tex/Machida I look at like this Machida's big thing is he is "elusive" right, well if he is training with somebody then they likely know how to catch him, they have had hundred of rounds to figure Lyoto's game out not the 3 or 5 the guys who fight him usually do.
Yeah I think you make great points with both. You are right with Aldo he shows flashes of brilliance and but he also has moments were he looks very beatable. His domination of Faber was brilliant, his flash KOs of Cub and Mendes were exceptional, but then you see his last couple rounds vs Hominck and he looks very beatable. I think he is kind of like Anderson Silva were he is a different fighter when motivated.

When it comes to Tex vs Machida I think Machida is still smart enough to remain elusive vs Glover. Just like you pointed out with their familiarity with each other I think Machida knows how Tex would attempt to run him down and would be prepared. Obviously I think Tex has a chance to catch him and hurt him, that's why I listed the fight. I would love to see it play out.
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