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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
^Normally people who are heavy weed smokers can quit smoking weed with just a day or two of minor adverse effects. Even if they quit cold turkey they'd be fine without meds within a short time. The same can't be said about nicotine, alcohol, opiods or benzodiazepines. All in all weed addiction is a lot more psychological than physical.

That said, even psychological addictions can cause symptoms of withdrawal.
QFT. Speaking first hand as a heavy pot smoker, weed is definitely psychologically addictive for me. Physiologically addictive not so much. Nicotine is the bane of my existence though, addictive in every way .

Honestly when I first read the thread title, I pictured Goldie snorting coke off of some skank hooker's crack kinda like a family guy skit.

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