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Originally Posted by DrFunk View Post
On a side note, I'm still unclear how anyone could defend Nick's action? "Give him a break cause he doesn't like doing that shit?" Diaz homers keep bringing up the fact that he's a "fighter", well he needs to understand the ufc employs "professional fighters" not "random punks off the streets". If he can't grasp what "professional" means then he needs to get cut and do something else with his life that he actually enjoys.

The UFC is trying everything in their power to become a real mainstream sport. The Fox deal was a big step for them, there's no way the UFC can afford to keep this kind of clown and still command respect with the other major sports league.

As for the fight if it did happen, I honestly believe GSP would destroy Diaz. GSP tends to perform better the more he gets trash talked. BJ fans keep harping about grease gate but the fact is BJ got so beat up they feared it might end his career and threw in the towel (so let's stop with this GSP can't finish BS, cause he DID finish BJ). Diaz cannot handle wrestlers, he does best against the Leben types who likes to brawl and go retard mode in front.

He'll get peppered with jabs, and get taken down then GSP will put him in half guard where he won't have anything to fear, and just grind Diaz from that position till he gets cut badly. Round 2 will be the same. Round 3 is when GSP will prob mix up his strikes more as Diaz will prob drop his hands and advance like a retard only to be taken down yet again. R4 and R5 will be more GNP and Diaz will look worse than Lauzon vs Miller.

This fight is a win win situation. If he doesn't show up at the presser he gets cut and we never see him again, or he shows up and hopefully gets a career ending injury from getting too much ground and pound.
Overwhelming hate in this post. Let the hate flow through you, just know that not a single **** was given by Nick Diaz

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