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Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
The brb shit is so lame.
You claiming that a fighter who stands toe to toe in front of every opponent with absolutely no fear of getting KO'd is scared of another fighter is the really lame part.

It's just as bad as those folk who claim Anderson Silva is scared of and is ducking Chris bloody Weidman, lol.

How about you respond to El Breskos post, or just casually ignore him because you know you were in the wrong.

Edit: There's a difference between criticising a fighter and just blindly and mindlessly hating on them. Sure, Nick has his faults, probably more than most other fighters on the roster, but he also has his positives. He's a ridiculously entertaining and skilled fighter who goes out there puts on fights the fans want to see every time he steps into the octagon. These haters ignore the positives and just focus and feed off the negatives in every single Diaz thread that pops up. It's just sad. It's like they're angry that a person they loathe so much will be more successful than they ever will be in life, so they resort to mindless hate.

brb swimming from Alcatraz

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