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Originally Posted by Buakaw_GSP View Post
Probably, but him picking and choosing which press conferences to be "scared" about is in question. He managed to show up to the press conferences against BJ Penn and the ones against Carlos Condit. If he doesent show up to the next one that would make 3/3 of press conferences he skipped out against GSP. That is questionable.

He might feel fine showing up and fighting against people, but for a guy with anxiety, in his head he is probably nervous against a guy in GSP who is a totally different beast. What im saying is, a normal person would feel already a ton of pressure in a big money fight against GSP. For a guy with anxiety disorder like Diaz, he is probably a nervous wreck, and I understand him being scared.

Thats totally different than Anderson Silva cause Silva specifically said he doesent want to fight Weidman because he is a no name. He isint running around and hiding.

The next press conference is a tell all. If Diaz shows up, than good for him, it looks like he can man up. If he doesent show up, I dont want hear some Diaz fanboy excuse like "GSP is a coward because he wouldnt chase after a guy who ran off" again, because im already hearing similar excuses.

People are upset because they want to see this fight bad, and dont want Diaz to screw it up again. If they dont like Diaz its probably because Nick Diaz and his hardcore fans are some of the most insane people to deal with. Its a terrible 1-2 punch. I dont think these guys feel this badly towards say Nate Diaz.
Anxiety is a conditional disorder. Nick Diaz doesn't pick and choose when to feel up for the media bombardment. One day he could feel fine and relatively anxiety free, the next day he could be having a melt down.
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