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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Grapple, you're opinion changes depending on if I agree with you or not. In the Cain thread you're all repping me and stuff cause I thought he would win, but now you say I'm one of the bad members because I disagree with you? Stop being a girl. I'm just disagreeing cause Nick seems like a badass to me and probably wouldnt give a shit about the coorperate side of things.
I was also heavily intoxicated at the time of repping you

I didn't say you were one of the bad guys. There are no bad guys, it's a bloody internet forum. But you, OWNS and Sideways do share remarkable similarities when posting.

I.E - Cain Velasquez beats Tyson Fury in a boxing bout is equally as ridiculous as UFC OWNS' claim that JDS lost because he was too muscular. In before a UFC video/interview is posted directly from Sideways facebook wall!
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