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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
You mad because an athlete you hate with all of your guts has already achieved more than any thing you will achieve in your entire life and has made more money than you will ever make in a life time?

brb hating on Nick Diaz in every related thread
brb will never be as successful as Nick Diaz in any thing I do
brb getting really mad
Why would I be mad? I don't measure my life against others. I don't even really hate him. I just think he's an overrated idiot. That's not hate. That's dislike. I hate very few people in this world and no fighter will ever end up on this list. I need more from someone than idiotic actions to hate them.

You are the one getting out of sorts anytime someone even makes a joke about him. You give more of a **** about what people think about him than he does. So you just jump and defend him from every slight - real or imagined - and call people haters. As if they have to acknowledge and love the fighter who's balls are so firmly embedded in your mouth.

Guess what? We don't. I made a joke. You overreacted. Just like the last Diaz thread and the one before that and the one before that. Have you ever thought about calming down and maybe not living up to the second half of your name?

And, by the by, the brb stuff is as gay as 8 guys ******* 9 guys. Just sayin'.

Have fun frothing, Grap! I'm not returning to the thread to listen to you ramble!

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