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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post

@Brian, suck it up and just take the loss man. Dos Santos got battered for five rounds, completely and utterly destroyed. Tired of seeing people who were guaranteeing a JDS victory before the fight happened trying to come up with ways to discredit Cains performance in any way they can - i.e - Cain couldn't finish Junior, Cain was wall n stalling and landing pitter patter punches.....

Some real pitter pattering there.
Well first of all, I never guaranteed anything. Secondly, I'm tired of people attacking one fighter for having a "safe" strategy and then condemning others for fighting the same way. GSP gets all kind of crap for a bunch of his victories... yet Cain does pretty much the same exact thing and he's a genius with a brilliant gameplan. Nope, I can't get behind that.

Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Junior with one extra win doesn't qualify him over Werdum and Overeem if they win their next fights.

Cain only got the shot cos there was nobody else in the title picture. The same can't be said for the current HW scene.
It is hard to argue with that, and I'm an even bigger Overeem fan than I am JDS fan... so no complaints here.
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