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Originally Posted by BrianRClover View Post
Well first of all, I never guaranteed anything. Secondly, I'm tired of people attacking one fighter for having a "safe" strategy and then condemning others for fighting the same way. GSP gets all kind of crap for a bunch of his victories... yet Cain does pretty much the same exact thing and he's a genius with a brilliant gameplan. Nope, I can't get behind that.

It is hard to argue with that, and I'm an even bigger Overeem fan than I am JDS fan... so no complaints here.
This fight will be a little different. I think Cain will get an agressive takedown this time around, he'll most likely hold Junior down for more time than he's been held down in his entire UFC career, which will take what, 20 seconds? But after he gets up Cain will be demoralized and will ultimately get KO'ed again, I think it will happen inside 2 1/2 rounds. We won't see the "championship" rounds here.

My question is, what's Cain going to do with 2 losses to the current champ? HW purgatory is going to be a tough place to play, he'll have to become an Overeem fan.

Plain and simple, I have never been more sure of a victory.
Ok, you didn't guarantee it, but you had never been so sure of a victory, in all of your time watching MMA, you were just that sure of a JDS victory.

Sorry man, but you were wrong, and that has to sting really bad. Not only were you wrong, but the fight went completely different to how you had predicted. And now you're just coming across as a bit of a sore loser. Labelling Cain as a safe fighter, saying he held Junior up against the cage and used pitter patter strikes. That's sore loser talk, and I respected the hell out of your posts before hand. No one likes a sore loser man. Cain didn't play it safe, he battered Dos Santos for five rounds, and he certainly didn't land any pitter patter strikes. Velasquez has 11 wins and 9 knock outs, and you have the audacity to label him as a "safe fighter". What about when JDS dominated Shane Carwin with mainly a jab for three rounds and then after the fight in a post fight interview, admitted on camera that he played it safe in the fight because he wanted the title shot so bad. Were you mad at Junior then?

Man up and accept your boy lost a one sided beat down instead of trying to nit pick any chance you can get at Cains performance.
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