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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
I don't play hooky, maybe that makes me weird but if I ever found out one of the guys that works under me was faking it I would be doing everything in my power to get them fired. It also infuriates me if people don't answer there phone when I need to get a hold of them.

your right Nick is a regular guy and if most people with a serious job didn't answer there bosses calls then they would likely lose there job.

Nick Diaz is acts like a spoiled entitled bitch, I have a job that requires me to take drug tests so its simple I don't do drugs, I have a job that requires me to answer my bosses calls so I do and when my job requires me to be somewhere at a certain time I am there. Because that is what regular guys do, its what grown ass men do. Its part of being a grown up and taking responsibility for your life something Nick Diaz has never done. He makes excuses when he loses, he doesn't stick to his commitments. Nick Diaz is a useless waste of skin and watching GSP pound his face into utter oblivion will make me so happy.
Just wanted to quote my favourite post in this thread. Personally, I haven't missed a day of work in over 4 years - and that last time was because my fuel pump crapped out :[ Responsibility & pride in my work, yo.

FWIW I doubt Diaz will no-show. Hendricks hopes otherwise. lol
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