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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I'm not joking. Fury is a horrible, HORRIBLE boxer, and he loses to literally anyone who knows how to throw a proper punch. He doesn't have a credible win on his entire record. Audley Harrison > Everyone Fury has fought. Cain knocks him out with an overhand.

I do notice the difference between MMA/Boxing, mainly because I'm still probably slightly more of a boxing fan than MMA. David Price probably KOs Cain in the first round, but he also KOs Fury in the first round. Fury has no chin, no technique, no real experience. He's a big fat guy, I guess that counts for something?
Loses? Am I missing something here? 20 fights. 20 wins. 14 Kos. He might not be the most technical but I have yet to see him struggle. As for all the people who say he's shit or whatever, how many 6ft 9" boxers do you know that have the technical abiltiy of a Pacman, Maywether, Marquez? Just saying. Also, not that I'm bothered about reps, I just got a neg with a comment saying 'Naseem Hamed'. Thats it. No sig. Lol, some people are weirdos. Oh well, thats 10 neg reps and 106 pos reps.

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