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A lot of controversy about this "safe mode" from Cain.

I am a fan of both guys and although I was rooting for Junior, there's no doubt Cain did beat him up pretty soundly. While obviously he could not finish JDS, Cain is definitely a remarkable finisher and in no moment I could say he was merely cruising in this fight. He could very well cruise and still get the undisputed victory by good margin of points, but he did not cruise at all. He continued to TD and to deliver hard punches to JDS.

There's a difference between "playing safe" and adapting the strategy according to many factors which, only in the fight, you will be able to deal with and this is considered fighting IQ. As GR said, JDS did that against Carwin and I remember, although JDS is also a finisher, he could not finish Roy Nelson as well and during the fight he did realise that and adjusted the pace to save gas, while still delivering bombs. No demerit on that strategy, IMO.

Everybody wants to finish a fight and when we are speaking about two entertaining finishers like Cain and JDS, the fact they eventually cannot finish some opponents could very well be an indication of the toughness of these opponents, rather than the winners playing safe.

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