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Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
That's exactly the point. He could continue working his tail off until he's 18 and still not amount to much. We don't know what his frame will be like, how athletic he will be, or whether his skills will have plateaued by then. And that's not even taking possible injuries into consideration.

It's simply too early to tell, too many variables.

This applies to child prodigies in just about any sport, btw.
I see your point but saying his skills might plateau by 18 is a bit harsh. I don't know about too many sports aside from football (soccer), MMA and a few other combat sports. In football, big teams sign up players before they are even teenagers and they usually turn out awesome. I can't speak for any American sports. Of course there are alot of variables and I'm not saying people should start worshipping this dude as the next Anderson or any dumb shit like that.

I just think theres a fine line between negativity and being realistic. Some of the comments about this kid seem to be floating between the two.

Some people say that theres alot of kids at this age who have accomplished the same or similar things. Doesn't sound like it if you listen to his coach. Pretty much world champ at everything it seems.

That being said I do understand your point. From the ages of 13-16 is when we'll really see whats going on with this kid. Its all about development. If he trains with the right coaches, right team and has the right people around him he should be OK. As far as injuries go, if he has the right people around him it should reduce the risk of getting injured. Nobody is going to push a young kid to the point of getting injured and it sure doesn't look like another fighter is going to hurt him at this point. Needs to move out of NY though. The only thing that worried me slightly was he said he wants to do boxing and MMA? Needs to choose one. MMA preferably. Of course he's only 13 so I guess he's got a some time to choose.

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