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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Hand picking fighters? No he doesn't. He has been the smaller fighter in most of his big fights. Mayweather rarely ever gives up size.

Manny on the cards went 2-0-1 vs. JMM. He didn't HAVE to fight a guy that knows him better than anyone. A guy that stylistically matches up very well with him. He didn't HAVE to fight him again. Yet he did.

How in the world can you say this?
You cna't be serious, LOL. Had you actually followed Manny's whole career you would know he ducked and cherry picked fights as well as waiting for the right time to fight guys.

He ducked Nate Campbell and Juan Diaz at lighter weight. Shane Mosley called him out in 2009 when Shane was the WW champion and Manny wanted no parts of him. He waited until after Shane looked terrible against Floyd and Mara and then fought him. Those are just a few examples.

I can't believe you are justifying him not fighting Bradley again. So according to you, it's ok for him to fight Marquez a 4th time despite the fact he OFFICIALLY won the trilogy? There's no closure there? But there's closure in Timothy Bradley who he (controversially) lost his belt to?

Don't forget Tim Bradley called Pac out for a rematch and pacquiao did not want to him again. He chose to fight Marquez a fourth time because he felt there was already closure in the Bradley fight. Those were his own words.

As far as Manny fighting guys bigger than him it's clear you don't know anything about how pac weight drains his opponents and won't let them rehydrate past 147.
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