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So as usual...bitches be crazy. A girl I had class with last semester sent me a friend request on Facebook I was kind of surprised because late in the semester she had hinted pretty hard she wanted to go out so I got her number made plans for a date and what not, day before I text her because I had the wrong time for the movie. Now remember she picked the day. It was like a twenty minute difference in time she texts back "oh sorry I can't tomorrow" so who knows if she was planning on actually telling me or not.

Come next class she doesn't bring it up so I figure she didn't actually want to go out. As we are leaving class same old shit oh I need someone to entertain me this weekend I'm off work lots of free time. Wtf okay. I say "so if I ask you out again you going to cancel" in a joking way but I'm not dumb I know it had some sting in it. She says "I'm really sorry I just got so busy I couldn't I'm sure I'll have time." So I wait a little while text her, no reply. Fine okay this girl is jus playing games I'm not interested. I move on.

I go out a few times with the girl I'm dating now we have a good time things get more into actually be in a relationship not just going out we have the exclusivity convo okay I'm off the market again. Unrelated she gets me to sign up for facebook all the garbage that goes with that where I went to school who I'm dating blah. Blah blah.

Now I get the first girls friend request. Weird but Wtf maybe she wants to be friends. She is on my list one day leaves a comment longer than this post about how I don't know what I missed and I'm a pig for trying to date her and cheat on my girlfriend with her which I never was. Causes a bunch of shit my phone about blew up with people asking what it was about had to spend at least two probably closer to three explaining what happened to my girlfriend and getting her to calm down. Seriously Wtf...

Sorry rant over. I just needed to dump this somewhere it won't come back to haunt me

Also I have a Facebook question. My ex girlfriend who I dated for six years sent me a friend request we broke up at the end of July. Do I accept it?

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