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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Whilst I agree he doesnt deserve a rematch, neither did Cain, so on that basis JDS should be given the chance again.
Agree. Should be all the same for the rubber match, one defense for Cain and one step for Junior with the difficulty level of Big Foot as well. Equal rights.

Originally Posted by BOOM View Post
I can understand that it's going to take a while before a lot of people will accept the way JDS lost. No one expected him to get completely mauled like that
I have a theory to explain the bolded part in your quote. I think there was the confidence JDS would be able to keep it standing and therefore winning, however I think most of us could see what Cain would do if he got the TDs. Actually that was his whole game plan and it worked. Not by the way of his pure wrestling, but by his ability to mix things up.

Originally Posted by BOOM View Post was one of the biggest beatings in MMA HW history. Period.
Yes, it was, but also it was like that because others quit when JDS did not. Period.
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