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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Just because a guy holds belts doesn't mean he is more worthy.

You have to be the biggest Mayweather nuthugger to believe that Bradley fight was close. Or just listen to anything Mayweather says. There are a lot of people like that.

Ask any non-bias boxing head if that was close. Find a respectable reporter who called it close. In my eyes Bradley won 4 rounds at most.

JMM is twice the fighter Bradley is.

Agree to disagree. I don't agree with any of your points.
It's not just the belts, Campbell was ranked higher than Diaz, Fact.

Mayweather has nothing to do with the Bradley fight, you must be a pactard to bring up Mayweather. That Bradley fight was close there are fans, analysts as well as professional boxers who think so. I'll take their opinion over yours.

You don't have to agree with any of my points, but the fact remains, after the fight with Bradley Pac said he would rematch him, then he turned around and said he chose Marquez because he felt he had to prove who the REAL winner was despite the fact he beat him. My points are backed up with facts yours are backed up with opinions, that's the difference between the two of us. This is a quote from BoxingForum:

"Most of us can agree on one thing...if Manny would have stepped on the gas we wouldn't even be talking about the cards being close. The cards SHOULD HAVE BEEN 10 rounds to 2...especially since Bradley had two bum feet and ring generalship is his forte. But for whatever reason he didn't step on the gas and he let Bradley back in the fight. Bradley is one of the those fighters that if you have him better finish him because he's fighting all 12 hard. So when Manny was sucking wind in the 12th (presumably from the body shots that so many people thought were blocked) you have to ask yourself...for Bradley to pitty pat and get most of his shots blocked and for Manny to fight the last minute or so every round...why was Manny tired?

Two words...

Body shots...

Body shots many of you failed to score."

"So everyone who scored it close or for Bradley is Anti-Pacquiao?"

"just rewatched the fight. i have it 7 - 5 for pacman. so it wasn't a domination for pac.

there were good body shots that bradley threw that i missed and the last 2 rnds bradley kept pac at bay with his jab and had good ring generalship.

i still feel like pac had the opportunity to outclass bradley and he could of that night, but pac didnt go for it"

"Come on man, Pacquiao clearly won IMO but Bradley won those last 3 rounds... or at least 2 out of three."

Bottomline is the wrong man won tonight. I don't care if you have it close or wide or even a draw, nobody here actually scored the fight for Bradley, not even his hardcore supporters. That should tell you something. Bradley didn't do enough to take that crown."

"I agree that it wasn't a Pac domination. And also withdraw the demote and retarded post remarks.."

You get the picture I think. I could go on and on.
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