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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
So you are quoting random people on a boxing forum?


Oh ok.

Arum promotes both and would have been better off saying it was fairly close. Bradley's trainer had Pacman 8-4. The offical stats had Manny landed way more and at a way higher %. Out landing him in 10 of 12.

So I am using real quotes and real stats. And you are quoting posters on a forum. But I am the one without facts?

Please dude, you sound so stupid. So if I want to present facts on MMA I would quote some of the dead beats that post here? And pass them off as legit quotes and facts?

You make little sense and are living in a fantasy world.

The only one living in a fantasy world is you I have disputed all of your arguments with actual facts and everytime you bring up irrelevant points. Perfect example of someone who has no argument is when they resort to name calling. Larry Merchant, a well known Pac supporter (with more credibility than you and I) disputed your compu box argument and yet you keep using it. Did you read anything I posted.

You asked me for the fans opinion and then when you get it you dismiss it? LOL

The only one stupid here is you sorry to say. Arum is pac's promoter why wouldn't he biased towards Manny? Really that's your argument?
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