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Originally Posted by HadouKEN View Post
LOL at this guy making up facts and bringing up irrelevant points, just one of those guys that just has to be right I suppose, even though the evidence says he isn't.
I've never seen a guy get so thouroghly whipped in a thread and act as if he has evidence and great points.

Was it your awesome quotes from forum posters? What else have you given us? Nothing. Where as I have given you direct quotes on the fight with real people of the sport.

I can't sit here all day and school you. You can think Bradley did well. 97% of the people who watched it...Manny fans or not Manny fans said it was a straight robbery. Legends of the sport have all called it a robbery. Boxing reporters have all called it a robbery.

But you won. You really got me with quotes from boxingforum. I mean, what a slick move.
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