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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I've never seen a guy get so thouroghly whipped in a thread and act as if he has evidence and great points.

Was it your awesome quotes from forum posters? What else have you given us? Nothing. Where as I have given you direct quotes on the fight with real people of the sport.

I can't sit here all day and school you. You can think Bradley did well. 97% of the people who watched it...Manny fans or not Manny fans said it was a straight robbery. Legends of the sport have all called it a robbery. Boxing reporters have all called it a robbery.

But you won. You really got me with quotes from boxingforum. I mean, what a slick move.
The only one who got whipped here was you.

you said manny never handpicked, i proved you wrong.

you said he nate campbell wasn't ranked higher than diaz, i proved you wrong.

i asked you to explain to me how manny never cherrypicked, you couldn't do it.

you asked me for proof for fans who though manny vs bradley was close, i did, you dismsissed it.

But hey have a field day thinking you schooled me, the evidence says otherwise. remember your original argument was that Manny never handpicked or cherrypicked fights.

Again I never argued that Bradley won the fight, I specifically said the win was controversial, I was using that fight as tool to back my main point of the argument which you avoided.

Keep on thinking you schooled me facts say otherwise.

I'm going to ask you again, explain to me how Manny never handpicked or cherry picked opponents?
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