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Originally Posted by Ari View Post

But it pisses me off when people say that fans like Toxic and myself are "idiots" because we want to see a guy fight for the title that has actually earned it. Hendricks has beaten Pierce, Fitch, Koscheck, and Kampmann. That's one of the more impressive streaks at Welterweight, especially considering how stacked that division is. Diaz is first of all, coming off of a loss. Second of all, he's coming off a suspension. I know that this isn't Diaz's fault. GSP asked for this fight, and Dana, who is apparently now obsessed with money, thought it would be okay to give a title shot to a guy who doesn't deserve anything but failure.
Did I say that? Or did I say you were idiots because you guys and the people like you are the reason why Diaz is so big in the first place?

Diaz says nothing, yet we have a 13 page thread on it, much of it by posters who don't like him.

If you don't want Nick Diaz to get big fights....then don't blow his popularity up by creating a buzz over anything he does.

Perhaps read a little more into the post. People that write posts and posts on how much they don't like Diaz, for months on end are only helping his popularity. It is idiotic to cry that he gets big fights....but then talk about him more than any other fighter.

Only Nick Diaz can get a 13 page thread here over Dana saying he didn't return his call. And that right there is why he gets big fights.

It is idiotic to give him so much popularity. Then on the other hand cry that he has it.

But perhaps my other post went well over your head.

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