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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Quote me to where I said Nate Campbell wasn't ranked high.

I believe I said holding belts doesn't mean you are the most worthy guy out there.

Maybe you can quote some random post at boxingforum that has nothing to do with anything and then dance like you did something.

I never said Nate Campbell wasn't ranked higher. I said he wasn't that worthy of the fight. He lost several times before that to ok fighters. He was ranked so high just because he had the belts. Which he won in a very close fight. He wasn't some beast of a fighter at the time.

But you can make up things that I said and then beat your chest like you said something worthy of anything. That is pretty much what you do.

You didn't say that but it's pretty much what you were implying. I don't see why you would think it's ok for pac to choose diaz who was ranked lower and wasn't a champion when Campbell was in the same division. It's like justifying Mayweather fighting DeMarcus Corley, Henry Bruseles and Arturo Gatti in order to win a lww title, when Kostya Tszyu was in the same division? See what I mean? They both are guilty of this which is what I originally said and you responded that Manny has never handpicked opponents. How does that work exactly?

Still waiting for an answer explain to me how Manny has never handpicked or cherrypicked opponents which is what I originally quoted you for. But you keep making up facts and bringing up irrelevant points. If you can't see that I dont know what to tell you...
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