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Diaz wins even if he doesn't win.

He has a huge fanbase and a huge section of MMA fans who get all riled up over his actions. As seen with Sonnen, that means $$$$$$, when you have a huge following of fans and people that want to see you fail.

In the end Diaz gets the laugh. He doesn't even have to say anything and he gets more publicity than many of the champions. He can sit back and not do a thing and people who dislike him will talk about him for months on end.

Fans and haters together. I think MMA fans are most obsessed with Nick Diaz out of any MMA fighter out there. And that mean big paydays. That means Dana will give him big fights. Because even the people who hate him, CARE about what he is up too.

He's got the public hooked like a fish.

As for will GSP get a finish? No he wouldn't in a million years. Only possible way is if Diaz gets a bad cut, which could happen because he does have bad scar tissue and GSP will work elbows from top. But as far as a KO, sub, or ref stoppage...or a cheesy BJ Penn give up? Don't count on it. Diaz is one of the hardest fighters to finish in all of MMA and has the cardio to last. He may get beat, but he has too much pride to be finished.

GSP has ZERO chance of a finish other than cuts. GSP doesn't finish. Lets not go through this every fight of "I think GSP finishes this one". Because no one that says that every event is ever right. He was real aggressive in the Condit fight compared to fights before...and Condit was never in real danger of getting finished.

Diaz has a better guard than Condit, I can tell you that. I hope GSP goes for the finish, and that is probably exactly what Diaz is trying to get GSP to do. The more he goes for it, the more chance Diaz has of winning. GSP most likely wins, but no chance of a finish other than a wicked cut.

Lets save the 13 pager for when Diaz actually misses this presser. He is off training for the biggest fight of his life. He has no time to text up Dana White's goofy ass.

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