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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
You're reply to me meant less than nothing. You called a fight. Big deal. It doesn't excuse you from being an asshole to posters - which you have done consistently. From long rambling wankfests like the one above to calling them retarded to just flat calling people liars.

The mods have been notified of your behavior and that's that.
brb calling another poster out on acting like an asshole
brb acting like an asshole in 90 percent of posts
brb exposing myself as a lying hypocrite

Do you actually ever re-read over your own posts? Seriously champ, just hit that view more posts option on your own profile and have a good browse. You act negatively and abrasively in pretty much all of your posts. I acknowledge that I can be a real **** at times, I just embrace it. You seem to be oblivious to how you actually post yourself. More evidence of narcissistic behaviour.

Also, keep crying to the mods. You'll not get rid of me that easily sport.

Also me clowning you in the Cain/JDS discussion had to really sting, I don't think I've seen a post from you since the fight happened actually acknowledging that you were wrong and giving credit to Cains performance. You can just never be wrong can you Deadman.

Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
If BJ had been in shape and not gassed out and stood in front of him in the second Penn would have handily beat him. In the first BJ was beating him and easily took his back. And the body shots did not cause him to gas he is clearly slowed right down before Diaz starts landing those. (which further slow him down). BJ did more to lose that fight than Diaz did to win it.
C'mon mate, every one says that about all of Diaz' opponents. "well, but if he didn't gas, then he would have messed Diaz up!". No one has ever put a boxing clinic on BJ the way Diaz did in that fight, and whether you're a fan or not, that at least deserves some respect. What he did to BJ was damn impressive. He literally boxed BJ up all over the octagon.

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