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Seeing I'm the resident pseudo psychologist here's my advice.

Three things I wake up to everyday.
1.) Tmz to get the latest info on Charlie Sheen's adventures or Lyndsey's latest blow ups.
2.) Check my account balance to see if it's miraculously gone up several 0's. :P
3.) Read reddit/MMAforum for the soap opera that is of Life B Ez's.

Before we get to that I'd like to address your buddy.

Ouso - You could A.) take em in B.) he's gotta learn the hard way and I aint saying this callously. I'm saying this from the cold hard truth. From there he will hopefully find religion and follow the right path.

On a more lighter note...

Life - FB is the downfall of every man who wants to play. You know they're watching you. Heck some random girl could comment on your page and your gf(s) would probably have a melt down. In the words of the great Johnny Drama. All girls are like other girls. Just like all guys are like other guys. The world is split to two groups: penises and pussies. Penises wanna run free. Pussies wanna land the penises.

Yah think I'm prolly gonna get sloshed tonight.

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Maximus: For the glory of the Empire, sire.

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