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Originally Posted by Proud German View Post
Hola from Mexico.

I think JDS cannot compete with Cain for cardio. No matter how good JDS cardio gets, Cain´s will be a step ahead because wrestling cardio will beat striking cardio.

JDS needs to make Cain pay more for takedown attempts, hurt him, get him uncomfortable about shooting in. Sprawl and brawl. I still believe JDS is a better striker than Cain, but I think that he needs to respect his striking and cardio if he is going to beat Cain.

That said, JDS has nothing for Cain. Most brazillian fighters in the UFC don´t like to get pressured, accept for Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva. They get all scared when it is not them doing the hitting.

I do believe Cain can be the next Fedor. He is destroying everybody and making them look dumb for stepping into the cage with him.

Viva la rasa Cain!
A German speaking hispanic. Que bueno...¿Cómo te gusta México

Good point on wrestling cardio vs striking cardio although JDS showed he can barely keep up even weathering the storm where everybody else has wilted except for Cheick. Think Cain demolished Rothwell, Brock and Big Foot with those same shots that JDS took for all five rounds. They'll meet again soon.

Originally Posted by Hiro View Post
He needs to be the aggressor. Cain's game is relentless, varied pressure. If JDS does the same and just tries to counter, he'll be spending most of the fight defending TD's and getting back to his feet, which makes it extremely difficult to get any sort of striking going not to mention allows Cain to surprise him with strikes because he's always worried about going for a ride.

With that sort of intensity and wrestling, it will be difficult for him because he's predictable. You never know whether Cain is going to punch you in the face, take you down, pin you against the cage or a combination of all the above. How do you fight against that? Do what Cain did, pile on the pressure and hurt him before he has a chance to get going.

JDS would be better of wading in throwing bombs and just accept that takedowns will come, because to his credit he is impossible to keep down. Cain will be far less willing to exchange if JDS is being really aggressive and hurting him.

Then he needs to hope Cormier drops to LHW because he would be as problematic.
Great post with some valid points.

My take is simple. Prepare for a five round grueling war and don't focus on just one shot even though that's what's got em there. That's the problem when all your (JDS) fights including winning the championship belt end in the 1st round. NOW, JDS knows what it's like to endure pain. I do believe JDS will return and retake the belt to end the trilogy with a varied pressured attack, utilizing BJJ, and really showing Cain how bad he wants it.

I don't think these two underestimate each other. Their championship caliber fighters who've COMPLETELY cleaned out the entire division. Every sport needs that #1 and #2 rivalry. Gotta luv it! Heck if JDS wins they may even go for a fourth...roflz!

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