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Originally Posted by hellholming View Post

Stann doesn't have nearly the speed, technique and fluidity on the feet that Belfort has.
Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Yeah I felt that was very harsh to Belfort too. Stann has a bit of power behind him, but is pretty generic at striking in all forms. Belfort has timing, speed and sharpness. Belfort isn't the strongest ever while Stann has natural strength, but Belfort generates so much more power through punch technique that if he lands on Bisping, you can at least expect the same results that Stann had when he landed.

The biggest thing to me is Belfort's finishing ability. If he rocks you, he stops you. He's one of the best in the world at it, maybe only having Anderson Silva ahead of him. Bisping proved that his chin isn't great and that he is pretty open to getting tagged in the Stann fight, and assuming Belfort's striking is only equal to Stann's, if he rocks Bisping he's gonna finish it.

Belfort had a hard time finishing Akiyama and Johnson. His boxing looked almost non-existent against Jones. In a way it seems as if his power is fading.

I think Brian Stann hits harder than Belfort does.

But both tend to keep their feet planted always ready to throw a KO punch at all times and don't move much?

All Bisping needs to do is get Belfort down or tie him up against the cage and make Belfort gas out his arms and a good portion of Belfort's punching power will be gone.

Belfort lets loose against Silva, Franklin and others he knows aren't likely to go for the takedown.

But in the back of his mind he has to know Bisping has strong wrestling and be worried about the TD and it could be enough of a doubt for him to be conservative with his boxing and for Bisping to edge him out on a UD.

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