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Originally Posted by Trix View Post
Hey, just to be clear - I'm not knocking Vitor's striking becauase he or anyone else didn't dominate Jon Jones standing.

When Vitor (and other fighters who rely heavily on their striking) fight ppl with good wrestling and takedowns like Jon Jones, Anthony Johnson or Bisping they tend to fight less then their full ability.

When you say: "Belfort has no problem matching anyone on the feet".

Well bro, what about Jon Jones? Did Belfort have a problem matching him on the feet?

He looked impressive, it doesn't mean he doesn't have weaknesses or there aren't areas where Bisping is better than he is.

If I said Bisping has better cardio than Belfort I doubt anyone would dispute it. Bisping has his strengths and Belfort has his weaknesses and despite Belfort looking impressive in all his fights, it doesn't mean Bisping couldn't defeat Belfort in playing his strengths against areas where Belfort is weakest.


Really though. Vitor is mostly a guy who relies on power in the same way that Brian Stann and Mike Tyson rely on their power.

In also the same way that JDS is a fighter who relies on his power.

If you can take that away, it can make a big difference.

I wasnt commenting on any of that. You could be right i dont necessarily disagree. Only this part.

Belfort had a hard time finishing Akiyama and Johnson.
but i also think i should comment on this

His boxing looked almost non-existent against Jones.
Vitor went in to that fight with a broken hand. So he couldnt exactly box and its impressive he threw any punches at all. Which is why the plan was to take it to the ground and go for Suba (Almost worked too). I think he also threw head kicks while they were standing up.

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