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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Is that why??? Not because he is a black belt who saw an opening to get the finish with a submission??

Akiyama is an EXTREMELY durable guy. He has only been finished by punches once in his career and that is against Jerome Le Banner in his second fight and ofcourse Vitor Belfort. He took Leben punches and kept coming. So Vitor needing a barrage of punches to finish him does not mean anything bad. And Vitor has always had fast hands that overwhelm you rather then getting the 1 punch KO. Though the guy has plenty of power and in neither of those fights did he have a hard time getting the finish. (Though im not sure why you are trying to compare his punching power to Stanns. Sure if id have to guess Stann has more 1 punch KO power then Vitor. But what does Stann have to do with this discussion?)

Well you can google it and find plenty of articles reporting that he went in to the fight with a broken hand.

Quiet frankly i dont hold much weight with those reports. I dont know how thorough their inspection is. Iv seen interviews of fighters mentioning injuries that never get reported in the medical suspension. Its quiet possible that they focus more on brain scans rather then x-raying every bone. They probably just expect the fighter to mention if there is severe pain in a region and then move on from there. Hell i recall when i had a broken collar bone the doctor wanted to take more x-rays but said he didnt want to expose me to any more radiation so he scheduled me for another appointment.
Like i said i just dont know much about their inspection so until i do it isnt something im going to focus on.

And a random thought

I do know that the UFC didnt want to pay for a procedure for Tito because he claimed for it to have happened outside of the octagon. So im not sure but i wouldnt be surprised if the medical suspension just lists injuries that happened in the fight. (Again i dont know if that has any truth to it just a theory)

Thinking about it it would be nice if one of our star reporters gets an interview with the doctors that perform these inspections so we can get a little insight.

Vitor vs Johnson.

Can't tell if he gased or not, but his punches when he had Johnson's back did look a low slower than at the start of the round. It could be because he was in a precarious position, I don't know.

I think Brian Stann would beat Vitor in a straight stand up war & ppl tend to overrate Vitor because he KO'ed Rich Franklin (hey so did Cung Le!) and came the closest to beating Jon Jones(a title previously held by Machida because he punched Jon Jones in the face once, previously held by Rampage for lasting the most rounds with JBJ), not necessarily something to brag about.

Akiyama is durable. But I don't know that there really is such a thing as a "good chin". More often it has to do with fighting someone who doesn't know how to deliver a punch properly which makes it seem as if their chin is good. Then they fight someone who knows how to punch and quickly get knocked out.

There is no one who can take a direct hit on the chin by a real puncher like a Mike Tyson or a George Foreman. Having a chin and being durable may be moreso myths that developed in MMA due to fighters with undeveloped striking skills who punch someone in the head 50-100 times without managing to inflict any real damage.

If Vitor needs 20-40 punches to put someone out with 4 ounce gloves, it may be that his technique and power are overrated. I think Stann and others may have better technique and boxing than Vitor does.

They may not be as exciting and go for the kill, but I think there are people who would knock Vitor out & that its kind of sad the best thing ppl can say about Vitor is that he "came closest" to "almost beating" Jon Jones.
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