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How can Bigfoot beat Overeem?

I remember watching Overeem wilt in Pride. If there was one thing consistent about Overeem in his Pride days is that the dude did not like to be hit. Overeem wilted under pressure and was bullied easily.

Fast forward to today. Ever since Overeems neck disappeared off the face of the planet and his shoulders and traps exploded, I haven't seen Overeem get rocked. Recently Overeem also doesn't allow himself to be the one getting pressured, he always moves forward even if it means eating a few shots, which has helped him deal with his problem of being overwhelmed and then wilting due to strikes. Overeem picks his shots carefully now and doesn't mind if he has to eat a shot because he knows he can take the shot now and that his shots are even harder.

This is why I feel Bigfoot has little to no chance. Overeem will not allow Bigfoot to pressure him or bully him. This Overeem doesn't allow you to set up combos or move forward on him because he is constantly pressuring and faking. I think Bigfoot is going to be bullied and will be the one wilting. There just isn't anything that Bigfoot brings to the table that Overeem doesn't do better.

That is why I feel Bigfoot's only chance is to try and surprise Overeem. Turn it into a brawl. Go all out right away and hope to land the big shot. If Bigfoot tries to play a technical striking game with Overeem he is gonna get systematically bullied and beaten down.

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