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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Juice....lots and lots of juice.

He should probably try and do what he did to Fedor and that's use his size, obviously Overeem is bigger than Fedor but with all that muscle there's no way Overeem can have good cardio, if Bigfoot can grab him and work in the clinch with some knees while forcing Overeem to get him off of him he can zap some of his cardio and drag him down to the floor. Getting in the clinch might not be the best idea with Overeem though but Bigfoot is too slow to win a striking exchange with him. Maybe he can land a big bomb and take him out but I agree his chances aren't too good, Overeem will likely maul him.
I agree that getting Overeem to the ground is probably Bigfoot's best option, but I think the clinch is a really bad spot for bigfoot to be, as you mentioned. I think if he hangs in the clinch he is gonna eat some seriously powerful knees from Overeem and then get shoved away when he lowers his arms.

Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
How can Bleed Foot beat Overeem?

With a bat in the locker-room.

mad props: Toxic
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