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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
???? Werdum went forward and pressured Overeem everytime they stood up in there fight Werdum charged in wrapped him up and then failed to pull guard.

Personally I think BigFoot needs to look for that TD and I an not convinced he won't be able to get it as he is a big strong fighter.
Werdum definitely came at Overeem but Overeem was coming right back at him. I just rewatched the fight and you are right in that Werdum is rushing forward quite often with flurries, but Overeem knew he was just setting up the take down.

I had Overeem winning octagon control in round one because he came forward more. The grappling was nearly even because it's hard to put a lot of weight into Overeem's 3 take downs when Werdum wanted it to go to the ground. I had Werdum landing more strikes but Overeem landing 2 significant strikes.

Round 2 Werdum definitely came forward more than Overeem and out grappled him as well. I had Overeem landing more shots and more significant shots.

Round 3 is the most evident that Overeem is scared of the takedown. He drops his hands several times near the beginning when Werdum rushes in. It is really hard to take much away from round 3 in terms of whether or not Overeem was coming forward more than Werdum in this round. Near the start of the round every time they were both moving forward. I think Werdum threw this round away by letting Overeem get those take downs. The judges always score for the guy on top if nothing much is happening and Overeem sat in Werdums guard for nearly half this round.

Not the best example to prove my point, but I don't think it actually disproves it. Werdum just had a strategy that nearly neutralized Overeems ability to strike effectively, and Overeem was too strong and smart to go to the ground in a sport in which standing is the default. If anything this reminds me a little bit of Cain vs. JDS. Cain certainly would have great success with his striking and pressure. Werdum probably should have kept faking the take downs and striking and he might have won the fight.

I still think the big problem for Bigfoot is that once Overeem starts moving forward and landing he is gonna have no answer. Bigfoot isn't fast like Cain and Overeem isn't terrified to go the the ground with Bigfoot like he was with Werdum so he will be able to set up his strikes and stalk him. That's how I see it anyways.

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Only a little bit. Okay a lot a bit.

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I don't get it /shame

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