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I think Big Foot is going to come out to the center quickly to gain Octagon control thinking he will be applying pressure. As he moves forward he'll throw some feints, ducking down then try to throw a right bomb leading into a take down or clinch. It'll be blocked or sidestepped and Overeem will tie up or immediately go for a left knee to his liver to counter. Rinse repeat, recycle. Both do not throw combos. The Reem adopted this strategy so a.) he doesn't leave himself to counters and b.) his striking is powerful enough to hurt someone with only one shot (left hook, left kick, left knee all aimed at the liver) then the rest is formalities.

Big Foot will try to smother em, but he's too slow with laboured striking. If there's ever any fighter who fights in slow motion it's Big Foot and Chris Leben.

It could end in a TKO for The Reem or a UD. I see a similar fight as with Werdum, but I hope not for the fans sake. Lets hope The Reem lands cleanly for the KO and set up the match we all want to see.

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