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Originally Posted by Cowgirl View Post
Care to elaborate a little bit as to why that is?
Womens baseball started again in the 90's. Did you see it? Womens Soccer is only popular during the olympics and if the girls are winning. Womens football is only popular because they put the girls in lingerie. Womens basketball only make it because of the NBA, the highest paid womens basketball player only makes 100,000 a year. Its the latest fad and the people interested will be into it for a year maybe two and then it will go the way of every other womens sport. Unless its gymnastics. Even still every four years. about womens tennis? Oh yeah only when hot girls are playing do people pay attention then when they lose people no one cares anymore. Tell me Im wrong. Im not interested in watching women beat each other up. Any women who posts about women being just as strong and fast as men obviously have never watched weightlifting or olympic track. Its the truth. Women can do anything and thats awesome but Im just not interested in watching them fight.

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