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Round one: Hyatt opens aggressively and both ladies trade some serious leather. Hyatt scores with several of her shots but eats a big right hand. Esparza shoots in with a double leg takedown and dumps Hyatt on the ground, quickly passing to half guard and then to side control but Hyatt retains. Esparza starts attacking with ground and pound, dropping left hands and then passing to side control again. Hyatt turtles but Esparza takes her back in the resulting scramble and gets both hooks in. Hyatt is in trouble here unless she can escape the position. Big right hands from Esparza and then some short left hands. Esparza attempts a choke but Hyatt is protecting her neck for now. Esparza drops a big right hand and finishes the round from on top in half guard. 10-9 Esparza

Round two: Hyatt steps forward but Esparza immediately takes her down, kickign at her legs which allows Hyatt to get back to her feet. Hyatt throws some short uppercuts but Esparza shoots in and takes her down again. Hyatt attempts an armbar but Esparza stacks her. Esparza turns into her but Hyatt still has the arm, finally she escapes the hold. Good up kick from Hyatt knocks Esparza backwards which allows her to get back to her feet. Esparza shoots in for a takedown and eats a huge knee from Hyatt but she finishes the takedown anyways. Esparza drops some short punches and elbows, but Hyatt is game off her back, throwing elbows from bottom and controlling her posture with rubber guard. Esparza backs off, nearly allowing Hyatt to get to her feet but instead drops down into her guard until the round ends. 10-9 Esparza

Round three: Esparza looks slowed down a bit here and Hyatt attacks with a lead left jab. Overhand right from Hyatt but Esparza ducks under and takes her down. Esparza isn't landing much from top and Hyatt is doing a pretty good job of shutting down her offense here. Hyatt attempts a sweep but Esparza shuts it down. The ref stands them up and Hyatt steps forward with aggressive punches. Big flurry lands for Hyatt and she fends off a takedown attempt but Esparza tosses her over her shoulder. They scramble and Esparza winds up on top 10-9 Esparza

Round four: Huge flurry from Hyatt to get things started and Esparza attempts a takedown. Hyatt shuts her down at first but Esparza keeps pushing forward and puts her on her back. Esparza passes and takes Hyatt's back, getting both hooks in. Esparza throws some knees and Hyatt turtles. Esparza tries to flatten her out but Hyatt is hanging in there. Esparza drops some hammerfists and attempts an armbar but Hyatt escapes, throwing a good right hand and then a superwoman punch. Head kick from Hyatt and then a combination. Big right hand from Hyatt and Esparza shoots in. Hyatt attempts a guillotine but Esparza throws her over her shoulder, taking top position with a semi-crucifix. Esparza drops some left hands until the round concludes. 10-9 Esparza

Round five: Straight right from Hyatt and she fends off a takedown attempt. Hyatt stalking forward and she lands another right hand. Esparza drops down, grabs a single leg and puts Hyatt on the ground. Esparza is dropping occasional punches, but she's primarily doing enough to just stay on top. The ref stands them up with two minutes to go. Hyatt lands a big right hand but Esparza sticks her head in her chest and drives her into the ground. Esparza throws knees to the thigh and tries to posture up and drop punches but Hyatt is playing pretty good defense. They get to their feet in the final 15 seconds and Hyatt unloads some big strikes, knocking Esparza off balance but she can't do enough, even throwing an extra punch or two after the bell rings. 10-9 Esparza

Final Result: Carla Esparza defeats Bec Hyatt via unanimous decision (50-45 x3)

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