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^Fedor still beats almost every UFC HW right now though.

I think Bigfoot would have to completley rely on his size. Overeem is very bulked, which means he won't be as naturally strong as a guy already there. Bigfoot does have the oppertunity to press him against the cage and I think I've heard that Overeem isn't the hardest to take down (although I've only really seen his UFC/Strikeforce shit). Bigfoot has some oppertunities, but it was take both amazing strategy and dicipline and a lot of luck. The fight starts with seperation, and I can see Overeem smashing him up with knees as Bigfoot tries to clinch. The biggest oppertunity is for Bigfoot to catch the kick, but his speed compaired to Cain's speed when he did that to him leaves a ridiculius amount to be desired. Really I see Overeem treating him the same way he did Brock. He'll put on the pressure, Bigfoot will look weak, and he'll finish it with body kicks and knees on the inside. Kind of a shit fight to put together because we'll still not see anything else from Overeem where a fight with say JDS would show us the full extent of his striking.

I don't know who to root for though. I like Bigfoot for some odd reason (and he won me the Grand Prix ), but I have Overeem in the FFL , and Overeem winning makes the HW title look a lot more exciting in the near future. My ideal HW situation would be Overeem beating Bigfoot, Hunt beating Struve (sorry Stef), Overeem Vs Cain and JDS Vs Hunt. Overeem winning; give him the winner of JDS/Hunt. Cain winning; if JDS wins give Nog/Werdum the title shot and have JDS Vs Overeem. If Hunt wins, give him Nog/Werdum for the #1 contenders and still have JDS/Overeem. Division is looking exciting these days, rare to see.

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