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Originally Posted by Cowgirl View Post
The thing is though is that Carmouche is tough, Ronda won't be able to walk through her, it's just the way the media is portraying things. To refer back to an earlier post about blowouts, very very few people expected anything other than complete and utter domination of Bonnar by Silva, yet they all still bought. I guess in that regard, their names saved them though.
It will be over in less than two minutes probably less than a minute. Ronda will jab. Jab. Jab cross clinch if she can't push her to the fence she'll try a trip to a throw then throw to trip If she's not don't yet she will pull guard to an armbar and snap her arm if she doesn't tap.

I'm sorry but this fight is a joke and it has nothing to do with women. Ronda is literally chaining Olympic judo together. She is head and shoulders above everyone not named cyborg. Most of these girls have been fighting what a couple years? How long have they been seriously training at a top level? None of them are training with world class people. I'm sorry not to be sexist but most are training with their husband or their brother. Ronda has been competing since she was what five? And we constantly hear about her training with all kinds of people. Wmma might make it at some point but it needs women training at a high level and a lot of them doing it.

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