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annoying "injury"


Amateur here, and I couldn't find any "injury"-section over here, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong posting it here.

I recently ****ed my big tow up by just doing a sidekick to the head.
my toe on the turn-in sort of stayed in place, so it got twisted backwards, so to speak.

it hurt, didn't think much of it, did it 4-5 times on the same session (yeah, **** me right), and now it's big and purple.

i have training tomorrow, is there any way to make it a little more stable?
should i just tape the toes together?

as it is now it's useless, it doesn't seem to have any resistance when turning in so it happens all the time.

any tips? it's annoying.

PS: not american, so my terminology might be incorrect. i assume you understand what i mean however..
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