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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
You answered your own guy may excel in one area over him. But he puts it all together. Maia has the jitz to sub Anderson but he lacked the wrestling Chael has the wrestling but lacks the striking to survive for any length of time if he stays standing.

Weidman isn't as good in all areas but he has enough in each area that he can out it together better. I'm a supporter of Weidman vs Anderson I haven't ever said he would destroy Anderson or even beat him. I have only said he's the match up I want to see the most at mw.

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He's a pretty good all rounder, but to me he's a jack of all trades. If Anderson can deal with the takedowns of Chael, he won't have that many issues dealing with Weidman's. If Anderson can deal with the striking of Hendo and Belfort, he won't have that many issues dealing with Weidman's. I feel like I'm missing a whole load of Weidman's fights or something. To me, he routinely beat some low level fighters, apparently did terrible in beating Maia, and then performed really good in beating a contender (all be it a weak one) in Munoz. He showed some good skills and all, but I wouldn't even have the guy on my radar tbh. The guys in my sig have more potential than Weidman imo. Weidman to me would get KOed in the first 3 rounds by Anderson and then struggle to get another shot. Feels like I'm seeing a different guy from everyone else.

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