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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
To be fair, all I was saying was that it was unfair to Toney. 0-0 MMA boxer getting perhaps the greatest wrestler ever in MMA? Getting a hall of famer? Hell, getting a fight in the UFC? And Rampage said he wanted a stand up fight with Toney, and they never let it happen. Just didn't like how it was MMA's one-up on boxing, without allowing it the oppertunity of a comeback Vs Rampage.

If MMA sportsman's infraction theory was correct, I'd have one vote anyways
I have a completely different outlook on that situation then how you described it. James Toney begged and pleaded for the fight and he got paid very well(in terms of MMA $) for the fight. He talked mad shit about MMA and he was looking for a paycheck. It would have been bad business to give him Joey Beltran and have Toney knock his ass out. They did exactly what they had to do IMO. They paid him too much not to give him a "name" and they couldn't afford for him to win. Worked out for everyone, James got his money.

But we are getting waaaay off topic here. I think if we just had a 2 person run off you would win. The other quality candidates are taking your votes.
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