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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Depends if he has any fire to fight. If all he wants is the belt then he never really had any sort of fighters spirit. If that is the case then he is only in it for money and fame...which leads to more money.

He is very smart. He went from WEC wrestler. To a crap talker and very solid fighter and picked fights with everyone to get the big fights. Now he got himself into an immediate title shot.

Dipping out on Dana now when he has given you every opportunity to become a star seems pretty selfish and seems like he never really had a love for his craft.

Jon Jones says he is going to HW rather soon. Maybe next year at this time. So why leave now?

He would have a studio job regardless if its not or in 2 years.
Isn't that why everyone fights? To be a Champion and to make money? I can't imagine there's too many people that love being punched in the face.

He's also already became a star, he has two losses to Anderson and he'll probably have one to Jones, the only reason he got this fight is because he'll talk trash and because Dana likes him, hence why he's fighting Jones and Hendo isn't. If Jones goes in there and puts it on him, are people really gonna line up to see him fight for the title again? Are people gonna buy him as a title contender? Probably not. Like I said, I love him at Middleweight, he's a beast there but when I look at the top ten the only people I'd favor him over are Shogun and maybe Rampage and those two are pretty much done.

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