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1. Aldo - My vote goes to Aldo just because I think Edgar/Siver/Jung are likely the biggest/best/batch of title contenders right now.

2. Barao/Cruz/Macdonald - I can see some title flipping going on with these guys.

3. GSP - This maybe the scariest field of opponants yet for the great one. Demian Maia has turned into a force of nature, Diaz is a wild card, and Hendricks hits like a truck with some of the highest wrestling credentials GSP has ever seen. Also Padawan Rory and Broke Jon Fitch are turning into two very scary theories.

4. Johnson - I mean who the hell knows with these guys, you have to rewind the tape to figure out who won the fight anyways.

5. Benson Henderson - I feel like this year is an easy year for him I don't see Melendez and Pettis as much of a threat and that maybe all he faces. But next year with Alvarez, Sanchez, and perhaps Hallman makes me wonder if Benson might have a rough 2014.

6. Cain Velasquez - I don't know about his health and who he's going to face but he's a HW and theirs a reason Brock and Timeh have the UFC defense records...cause it's hard to do.

7. Silva - If he doesn't retire.

8. Rousey - She maybe a one trick pony but it's a damn good trick.

9. Jones - I give Chael three minutes, after that Henderson/Machida still a punchers chance against a guy who has great striking defense.

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