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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Maia's BJJ is considerabley higher than BJ's imo, but Erick Silva had that rear naked on 100% Vs Fitch and he didn't tap, eventually getting out of it. The big question is; if Demain Maia can sink in a sub, can he tap Fitch? Most exciting pairing since someone mentioned Cody McKenzie/Brian Ebersole.
No he didn't. He didn't have his left hand completely behind Fitch's head and therefore couldn't lock the choke up with his own head. That's why Fitch could grab Silva's hand and pull it away and release the pressure of the choke.

That's how it should have looked like:

I've seen a lot of MMA fighters not doing the full choke, but only putting their lock up up hand on top of their opponent's head instead of behind it and often their opponents can escape, because they just need to pull that hand away. This is actually absolute basic stuff. If you do it correctly, you almost only need to inhale, so your expanding lungs would push your arm and hence your opponent's head forward to initiate the actual choke. You don't even need to squeeze your arms that much then.
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