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Originally Posted by Term View Post
You actually think Dana white would make a decision like this because he wants to bang Rousey. Rhonda is good looking woman, IMO, but I would guess Dana could get much better without having to create a whole new division in the UFC.
Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
Yea I'd think Dana could do better than Ronda as well. I think he is banking on all of us stupid 18-30 year old males thinking with our penises rather than thinking with his own. "Come see the pretty lady fight" is basically the idea here. Basically every female to gain sports stardom in the past 20 years has been good-looking and marketed as such(see: Anna Kournikova, Danica Patrick, Jenny Finch, the Williams sisters etc.). Dana is trying to do the same. If it works he makes money, if it doesn't he can just do away with WMMA.
You guys are giving Dana way too much credit. Rich or not, married men looking to cheat and have casual sex aren't exactly high on the top of women's desirability chart (except for hookers maybe). Not unless they get some sort of lucrative career opportunity in return.

Maybe you haven't heard of the kind of average looking actresses that supposedly get pressured for casting couch:

Personally I think both of these actresses are pretty below average looking, especially Rinna, and apparently bigwig hollywood producers have propositioned them.

Apparently it's fairly common in the entertainment industry, even with "hollywood legend" level directors and producers:

If this happens, I wouldn't be surprised if Dana actually takes up a proposition from Ronda's side, given his reputation for womanizing. Creating a division and a handful of fights which he can easily piggyback onto a regular card, and dissemble the division if it fails, is no big deal for him. Not compared to producers willing to hinge entire million dollar movies and TV shows on chancy lead actresses.

On the contrary, it's the audience who you think are more likely to think with their penises that have far more options. You really think the average young male is desperate enough to shell out $60 to watch a manly cornrowed Ronda armbar some chick in 1 min, when he can just flip the channel and watch Anna Kournikova prancing around for free? I don't, and I doubt that was Dana's line of thinking either. Whatever he is, he is not a stupid man.
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