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Help name this move!!

Okay so I am a beginner in the MMA world and I am currently being trained by Jamie Varner in Tempe Arizona and he just taught our class a specific technique today that I have forgotten the name of, please help. This move is a takedown technique. It starts with the executer laying on the canvas upon his back, while his opponent stands over him ready to strike. First the executer must take his leg, in this case the right leg (assuming both fighters are right hand dominant) and wrap it around his opponents left leg with his foot ending up by the opponents groin. The executer then takes his left leg and places it at the opponents knee, making it possible for him to kick that knee and leg back to defend from incoming punches, breaking the opponents motion. This set up starts with a "D" if I do remember correctly and is a lead-in for takedowns in which the executer will grab the opponents left ankle, take that right leg and hook the opponents right leg and ankle and use the left leg to push upon the belt and takedown. All and any help is much appreciated in remembering this term! Thank you
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