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Originally Posted by Dirty1 View Post
I am 24yr and am wanting to join an mma club soon. Am wanting to know what kind of training will i need to do before i join to get me ready to train hard. Id like to know what will be a good training schedual for me for the next 2 weeks. Id like get some facts on the right daily/weekly training plans. I will start my training tomoro morning with a jog. Will i need to do any strength traing this week? Plse get back to me. I have just signed up to this web today and am trying to sus it out. Cheerz.
It's hard to prepare for MMA training because (a) if you're not working with the sort of resistance that comes with grappling, that's going to be a huge new experience, and (b) gyms often have very particular training programs that are hard to prepare for, intentionally.

I think just generally working on conditioning is the best idea. Get a good run in. [Don't just jog; there's a lot to be said for the importance of interval training and explosiveness above just sort of general cardio. Run some stairs or something.] Try doing 30 or 40 burpees. Try doing 50 pushups. Depending on how easy that is for you, fluctuate the numbers some, but that's a good minimum for substantive MMA training.

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