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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
hahaha, wow. I dont know how you took "the entertainment industry is absolutely sparkling. It's run by unicorns and pixies and my little ponies with big dewy eyes" from what i said.

What I am saying is that 90% of the things people are accusing Dana of in this thread come from nothing other than their own minds and have ZERO evidence to back it up.

Im not saying that none of could be true but People are going on like they have a secret camera on Dana and know EVERYTHING that he does. I just find it funny is all

P.S - Men having affairs often wear Tshirts with a naked photo of their mistress on.
This is not a court of law where we're sending the guy to jail, we're just making opinions and strong circumstantial evidence is hard to ignore. Heck, testimony from a mother would even count as evidence in a court of law.

You're probably one of those people who thought Overeem was clean as a whistle up until the evidence came out right? Clearly, we aren't allowed to state the obvious here.

People wear nude T-Shirts or tattoos or whatever the heck they want of their mistresses when they don't give a damn and their wife has pretty much accepted her lot in life. Hefner did it all the time when he was married, obviously he was uh .. all business with the bunnies.

The other way around is true though, if you want to maintain a strictly professional relationship with your employees, one of the obvious things to do is not wear nudes of them.
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