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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
I'm not a big football guy by any means.

But I'll watch college or even high school football over the NFL any day. They play with more heart and you can see an actual love of the game at this level. It's not (as much) about the money and sponsorships as it is in the NFL.

Casual fan opinion followed by uneducated one.

College football is nothing but a giant money scam, it's become even more commercialized than the NFL which is terrible because there's the actual facade of a student and his education.

This is why teams are traveling 2000 miles across country to play "conference" games. Because they don't give a shit about the kids and haven't for years.

Also this "more heart" garbage is the biggest cop out excuse to watch an inferior sport I've ever seen.

Most kids at the HS and college level quit on the field, there's very little pressure so most don't play through injuries...they are easily rattled and pulled to save themselves from embarrassment.....because for the most part, 90 percent of kids on scholarship have a guaranteed spot(unlike the NFL where you can be cut at any moment) and a free ride, and because a lot of them aren't getting paid by illegal boosters, they don't give a ****. If you can literally name one example of how they play with more "heart" which is a complete abstract and arbitrary concept in the first place, I'd possibly accept your opinion as a little more than biased nonsense.

The real reason most people like college over the pros is because they have some sort of complex about the overpaid "savages" in the NFL and think that watching a bunch of underskilled, underathletic college kids maintains the "purity" of the game.

But no one ever admits to that...because it implies insecurity.

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