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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
The problem is 1, if they take people outside that deserve to be in, it's no longer the "UFC" HoF.

2. They have the ability to be very biased since it is the UFC HoF as they can leave out fighters like Fedor who deserves to be in before any current UFC HW today does.

If it is only UFC fighters, it doesn't really mean much as it won't include all of the actual great fighters. It's a joke.

And my comparison wasn't comparing skill, just showing how stupid it would be for 1 company to induct people into the HoF from other companies.

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I would understand if we were talking about guys like Fedor that never stepped foot into the UFC. But the guys being talked about have all fought in the UFC and won fights in the UFC. So for those people I personally think accomplishments not in the UFC should be a factor. Not the only factor of course which is why Fedor shouldn't get consideration.
Also what I was saying about your comparison is I don't like it because of variety of other factors, to me it's more then just saying it didn't happen under this logo.
Since there are major differences in your comparisons like skill level and eventual ownership. Since Arena League and NFL are not related businesses and PRIDE and UFC are. I was just pointing out that I think there are other key factors other then being in a different organization. IMO it matter that the separate organization feature equal or better talent and it also matters that that organization was eventually bought out and folded into the UFC.
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