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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Hey bro I have to ask, when a domestic bird escapes, is there really any hope in finding it again? I always see missing bird posters, but it's really not the same as a cat or a dog.
It's possible to find it if it's early in the day and you see him fly out. They can be followed and they generally don't fly too far away when escaped as they are scared and just find the closest place high up (normally).

However, if it escapes at night or you aren't home and your kid leaves the door open and doesn't know what to do or whatever, then it's almost impossible to get it back, as it will die within a few days cause it doesn't know how to feed itself and might get eaten by a larger bird/animal.

I have never had this issue or any responsible bird owner, if you can't keep him safe from that then you need to clip his wings and make sure he has a lot of out of cage time to compensate for the lack of flight.

Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Handegg>football and it's not even close. At least we have to actually hit someone for them to fall down and wine and trying and kick and scream.

Seriously M.C how many birds do you have?

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I have 4 now, which is probably going to be my limit. Most of them are small so easily manageable when out of the cage (not so demanding and can entertain themselves), easy clean up and not much noise.
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